The Four Corners of the world meet in Boston

The Four Corners Sanctuary freehold of Boston (otherwise known as the FCS) is not quite as old as its city, but still has a long and varied history. Even its name has been varied, and has only become known by its current moniker after the arrival of the Seasonal Court system in the States. It is best known in the country, at the moment, for it’s surprisingly strong dedication to unity and stability. Not to suggest that life in the FCS is all peaches and cream, but all inter-Court squabbles are strictly kept to verbal barbs or more mundane forms of political maneuvering. This amazing level of dedication to the changeling community is largely the work of its Kings and Queens (who often personally see to the enforcement of this good behavior), though their efforts and policies have slowly seeped into the collective culture of the freehold over the past 15 years or so. One example of this sense of community first is how the freehold deals with territory.

The FCS doesn’t split up territory in any tangible way, as an unconscious extension of their cooperative outlook. A specific courtier or motley will often control individual establishments, but other places (like the various colleges) will often have representatives from all the courts somewhere about, each working for their own Court’s goals, all but completely independent of each other. One of the arguments for this system is that it aids in the freehold’s ability to stay under the radar, as no one area seems permeated with any one influence. Regardless of the truth of the argument, there seems to be some evidence that the extra measure helps, in the lower than average incidents of True Fae incursions in the area. All freehold territory is shared in this fashion, most notably being the Commons. The FCS utilizes a hollow-commons, with precautions to try and avoid the dangerous temptations of the set up. The FCS Commons is basically a spacious rotunda carved out of the thorns, and the only permanent landmark in it is the small dais holding the five Court thrones (one unique throne for each season, plus the freehold’s throne, for whoever reigns at the time). Otherwise the space is kept empty and fluid, easily adaptable for whatever it is currently needed for, be that a lecture, a ball, or just a general open-court sessions.

Probably the most noticeable side effect of this surprisingly well maintained system is the sudden population boom that has occurred over the past 12 years. Boston’s freehold, of any name, has always had a reasonably large population, mostly due to the large and focal nature of it’s city. But over these past 12 years or so, the population has managed to more than double, and it currently counts over 250 Changeling citizens. This explosion is almost exclusively due to its reputation, which has encouraged many Lost from either smaller or less stable freeholds to move there to join in the comparative safety and prosperity (refugees from Miami and the surrounding area are indeed counted among these numbers).

Four Corners Sanctuary

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