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The Courts in Boston

PC Seeming/Kith Concept Player Court
Ammy wizened chirurgeon precocious child jellybean dawn
Machado wizened soldier cuban intel agent kwikbrownfox courtless
Halo darkling antiquarian book-eater dude krypter autumn
Jillian fairest flowering haughty noble serephine spring
Larkin fairest draconic dragon taxi cabbie shock courtless
Zoe fairest muse ? ladylens courtless
John Deere beast runnerswift ? lacewing courtless
Kiki fairest woodblood hyper kid lacewing


  • Willamina’s Apartment Building Hospice
  • Four Corners Sanctuary is the freehold
  • The Commons is where all the court monarchs gather
  • Cambridge – snooty university side of town (Harvard Law, Medical, etc.)


  • Belladonna – fairest, pathologically polite
  • John – antlers man, takes care of Kiki
  • Donna, PI, finding previous life, living shadow
  • Willamina – hostel owner
  • Nancy – librarian at the Boston Public Library
  • Akabane – ammy’s guardian, teacher in chirurgy, scarecrow ministry
  • Alex – purple-haired neuter socialite, apt Charles side of town
  • Riel – Alex’s roommate, pink apron (autumn court), bi
  • Dr Gabriel Night –
  • Torolf – male vampire don juan
  • Lucinda Starlight – Ammy’s mom in Atlanta


Current date: October 2nd, 2008 (Autumn in Boston, +1 to rolls for Autumn Court members)

Main Page

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